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Engineering Student can Register for Academic Projects!

Medical Colleges are well connected to the Hospitals but, Engineering campuses are still long way to get connected to Industry. In order to connect Educational Campuses with Industry campuses , RBG'S Buds Engineering Academy , Pune is working on the so called "Industry - Academia Gap"

Any Branch of Engineering Student can opt Artificial Intelligence Academic Projects

Eligibility :- Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering / Electrical Engineering /Mechanical Engineering / Computer science Engineering /Information Technology students are preferable.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning will be a key for next generation Industrial Revolution

Well planned , organized and well structured syllabus Designed by Industry Academia Experts. After successful completion of the training, Industrial Projects can be assigned to the students

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Does RBG Buds Engineering Academy , offer coaching classes for Engineering students?

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yes , We offer Coaching classes for Engineering / Medical / Applied sciences/ diploma / B.Tech / M.Tech / GATE / IES / NEET / IITJEE .....

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